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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Slippery X-berg
As soon as I cross Oberbraumbrücke, the bridge that separates Friedrichhain from Kreuzberg, and enter X-berg (if I'm not going the opposite way) I know I'm going to end up really drunk in an old mosque, a gay club or in a tiled surgery room / bath house.

This time the latter, in West Germany:s RAZZIA, that my flatmate was working with. MAN does tiled dance floors get slippery. Makes for awesome dancing. This time to Plastique de Reve. Suzi Wong also played some awesome stuff for an empty floor until 03:00, and I regret not being drunk enough to do her DJ:ing justice by taking on the floor by myself. I think I somewhat tried though.

Download Plastique's Nekobus EP, a tribute of sorts to the worlds greatest feelgood anime, My Neighbour Totoro. But I didn't catch anything of that one on the floor tonight.

This is also the first time in about a year that I didn't go in the wrong direction when heading home from X-berg and end up in Schöneberg. Hurray!
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