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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Impressive Adbusting

Holy crap, this is huge. Couldn't make out what I was seeing when I walked down Danzigerstrasse late at night a while ago. A really really weird mega-poster. Then I see. Both the big pink bunny and the ever-half-naked Tally Weill-model have both got their brains blown out!

That's what you get when you put up a huge sexist piece of crap on a house wall that's got construction scaffolding around it... Someone has climbed up, torn/sawed out huge holes and poured gallons of paint through it. Brilliant.

I'm really sorry I didn't notice the corporate response that came later. From what I've heard the holes were covered with flowers, accompanied by a text that said "Thank you for the flowers". What a war. Search around, maybe someone got a pic of it on Flickr or whatnot.

If you're hungry after more Berlin street art, there's a vernissage at ZMF today for an exhibition of SP38, the frenchman with the "Vive La Borgeoisie"-posters.
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