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Monday, April 10, 2006
Turd Italy

Leo found an old jar with "Parmonia" in my kitchen. Supposedly eatable until at least one year ago. Smelled of really old cheese (which I presume it is, or is it a Parmesan/Ammonia-combo?). We had a closer look and found a secret scripture pasted on the back, that says "Szarm : Olaszorszag".

First of all, how do you pronounce that? Charm? Ola Sure-Shag? Probably.

We didnt settle there though. We had to know what was behind all this. After watching the latest Lost-episode, Leos fingers were trembling as he tapped in the codewords in Googles search box.

An image search didnt result in anything. The regular search gave us some clues though, like the website . All this has either something to do with Hungary, tobacco, or both.

We're very very close. Just a little InterTran-translation away. And lo and behold, here is the truth:

Hungarian: Szarm Olaszorszag.
English: Turd Italy

We still can't beleive what we're reading. As I'm writing this, my mother is on her way to Hungary. I've got to warn her.

If you're not believing what you're reading either, do some translating of your own here.
Posted by Nose at 12:02 AM // Direct link to this post // 2 comments