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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Psychiatry is Russian and Nazi
I get into trouble at least twice every week for making nazi jokes. Berlin is just not the best place for that.

I never learn though, so here are two hilarious nazi/communist-related links:

1. Former Scientology President Heber Jentzsch answers to critisism from psychiatrists:
"Psychiatry is Russian and Nazi. Remember, it's an import. It's like bringing the bonic-the bubonic plague into America, as far as I'm concerned. They are not American, and we are. And they can go back to where they came from."

From a 1992 Nightline TV special that you can watch here (this quote is in part two).

2. MP3 - Go Home You Foreign Communist (via BoingBoing)
A delicious 70's funk rarity, supposedly by Al C. Bailey.
"Hey Commie! I'ma tell you something you should know... this is AMERICA... the country where I was born! You're not welcome here!"
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