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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Stereolab in Berlin / Sorry for not being gay

Got rejected tonight with the line: "But I thought you were gay".

"No, sorry."
"But I thought you were gay!"
"Well, kiss me and we'll see if I am, or will turn, gay".
[Girl runs for cover]

Stereolab is plaiying in Berlin on may 15 at Hebbel am Ufer. I'm listening to Les Yper Sound from the alblum Emperor Tomato Ketchup on repeat as I'm writing this. Alternating the Radio 1 Sessions take (lyrics from;

you go in that team / i go on this team
divide everything /a flag or a number
make 'em opposites / so there's a reason
stigmatisation / ok now we can fight
divide everything / just put it all flat
justification / ok now you can fight
it is correct and reasonable

These are the lyrics I live by. A fierce hatred of prejudice and division for all kinds of reasons, racial and identical. At least when I recognize it and it hurts me. ;)

This is something I have to learn to tackle. When it comes to girls at least. They (here I'm already treading into unknown boundaries by defining them) seem to get freaked out by someone (ok, me) not acting stereotypical heterosexual while being heterosexual.

Ok, now we can fight.

Or, "ok, so I just stink at picking up girls at clubs". I'm probably the most typical "friend" guy that you could ever find. I don't pick up girls at all, end of story. These are the latest rejections I've had:

I'm really trying not to go Woody Allen-bitter here (and trying to avoid dating future stepdaughters). So I blog.

Anyone else out there who got rejected for not being gay? And why do they run for cover from us "friend"-guys? I guess we're the creapiest of the lot.

Well, maybe me and this latest girl wouldn't have had much of a romantic future if i was gay either, but you get my drift. All of my gay friends have refused to recognize this discriminatory problem of mine, saying I don't seem gay; "no homo would have hair like that", they haven't at all agreed to my tattooing plans etc, but think they'll open their eyes soon enough. No, that doesn't go for you Jory, you totally see it I think. But you steal the girls from me as well, you little fag. ;)

And Christian (Kryddan) reminded me that this is a classic Seinfeld-problem, being "thin, single, and neat". If any of that applies in my case.

Justification. Ok, now we can fight!
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