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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Berlin SWAT-teams and shootouts
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Someone said earlier this week that Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichhain had become flooded with nazis and shootings. Weird. In my 1,5 years in this city I've only seen drunks and druggies fighting in sync with their respective dogs, with lots of kinderwagen families around watching with joy. Are those calm happy sunny days over?

When Andreas came home after we'd seen The Knife at Club Maria, he found his lock changed and his door handle sawed off. Their apartment was turned upside down. Clothes everywhere. Nothing missing but an old grenade shell that a flatmate had found , and a pair of souvenir nunchakus . Their passports were spread out on a table.

Turns out that someone had been shot with a shotgun outside their window in broad daylight (no-one died as far as we know), and a witness had claimed that the shot had come from Andreas balcony... And this was on Danziger Strasse in good hip old Prenzlauerberg. So the cops had raided the place. Fortunately (?) no-one was home at the time. The cops had put in a new lock, but wouldnt say anything else... Obviously they didnt find any evidence (we speculated about if someone could have broken in earlier and fired the shots...).

One flatmate was happy because the cops had found her passport that she thought she'd lost forever...

I'll stay in my flat today I think.

Mainly because of my hangover though.
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