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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Top 5 personal buzzwords
  1. Hate: a fresh new energic approach to life, have tried it a couple of days, is WAAAY better than apathy, at least you get more things done. Maybe not for everyone, but I just seem to become more straightforward and sincere when I try to project hatred onto my environment, friends and colleges. All smiles are fake smiles (I'm firing one of those smiles away as I type).
  2. Grindie: genre that's going to make me and Leo rich. I'm adding jazz drum solos right now though, can't stop myself, goddammit, don't know if that's going to fit in with the dubstep & guitars, but since we're pioneers and shit I guess it will.
  3. Birds: not so much as words, but as pictures, I'm going to post some mean looking birds when I've hooked up my scanner, it's more bird-rabies than flu.
  4. Don't really have a fourth.
  5. Rent: scheisse, have forgotten to transfer the money to Thomas...
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