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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Riots, grime, art & friends
Leo in a sea of cops on May 1st. The second after I shot this, a cop tapped
his shoulder and asked if he could borrow the lookout-spot.

Had a great weekend. Obvious, since I'm writing about it on a wednesday.

Erika came down from Gothenburg, Andreas gave us a guide to the former jewish girl school at the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (that I wouldn't have visited otherwise). My favorite there was the Axl Rose poster that had been left on a wall when the school was closed in '86.

Loads of free beer at the Minus release / Matthew Hawtin vernissage - techno, boring minimalism, tons of people with art hairdos - plain fun!

Heavy mosh pit action at the Lethal B concert at Cafe Moskau. Berlin punks are nothing compared to Grime Time!

And, of course, Mayday! Berlin punks throwing bottles, fighting cops and setting Oranienstrasse on fire! Felt pretty much as serious as Wrestling - it get's calmer every year they say, the cops almost seemed bored, just focused on a couple of guys that they beat up / dragged away, the rest of us could run around and take photos how ever much we wanted. If swedish cops would face a situation like that, they'd have shot 10 people in panic.

So, back to work and watching a couple "24" episodes at night for a couple of days. Wieder gesundes Leben!
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