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music i'm listening to
Friday, April 28, 2006
Talking about MySpace, I set up a little Nose-account yesterday, and y'all should be able to hear and download Happy Little Waterline, Wo ist die Geld and 2=5 hours there. Finally I will be able to make friends with celebrities, hot chicks and...programmers? I don't know, but 50 billion users can't be more than 90% idiots right?

No, I've had plenty use of MySpace. Everytime some band is playing somewhere, It's really easy to check out their MySpace page, hear a couple of tunes, and decide the show won't be worth the 5 bucks, and I'll go to some shitty techno place with my techno friends instead, listening to some mindnumbing worthless techno shit, and dance my ass off.

Or if it's thursday and I've been drinking all week, stay home blogging.

Speaking of drinking, gotta stop go out celebrating things like the portuguese independence day on mondays.

No, I take that back. Go Portugal.

Oh yeah, and here's the link:
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