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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Hizbollah, Nietzsche & Getting Things Done
Other stuff today, and yesterday:

- Riding a bike 40 minutes to work instead of taking the subway 40 minutes leaves me feeling a whole lot fresher! My bike had a flat tire, and I started taking the subway, postponing fixing the tire, and as a result (?) got more and more tired. Oops, REALLY no pun intended. Should edit that away instead of writing “no pun intended”. Haven’t fixed my bike yet, but I got Erikas heavy DDR-bike that she left.

(Eva: I miiight someday consider, with my brain, to fix the flat tire, with my hands, or take it to the bike shop, t on the street, through the street, with the bike-shop man inside it, who could fix it, with tools, with his hands.)

- Rediscovered the Copyriot blog, just love it. Today about Hizbollah and Nietzsche! Now I’m off to do some Wikipedia reading on The Genealogy of Morals. Copyriot and the Dilbert Blog are unparalelled when it comes to political commentary and philosophical debate.

- Yesterday I read like 15 blogs about Getting Things Done. If you never heard the term Life Hacking, you’re in for a blast. The geeks are developing their own psychoanalysis, and I love it. See 43folders and Lifehacker.
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