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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Top 7 Things I Learned In Sweden

Mmmm, forget-me-nots.

Back in Berlin and in the blog, after almost 2 weeks in sweden. Here's what I learned:
  1. Particulate Organic Matter (POM) beats the crap out of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), when it comes to binding Hydrophobic Organic Compounds (HOC) (Frankki, 2006). POM! POM! POM!

  2. Finland is a village in Burkina Faso. Very much like the nordic country, the economy is based on cotton and diamonds. They have hunting parties where they drink and then try to shoot birds.

  3. You get better att ball-sports as you grow older, without practicing. When you're 26 you'll be able to beat 16-year olds (who are taller than you) in beach volley ball.

  4. If it starts raining hats, ship them to Australia and their bare-headed kangaroos. Professor Balthazar actually lives up to, and surpasses the nostalgic expectations of your childhood, if your TV was blessed with this yugoslavian psychedelia in the 70:s or 80:s. Croatian if you want to be up to date.

  5. Your love for cheap 2.8% "Danish" (swedish) folköl (People's Beer) will DIE after 2 years of casual everyday alcoholism in Germany. After one year it will still taste nice if maybe a little more boring than usual, but after 2 years it tastes worse than Berlin tap water. DAMN.

  6. Cats never change. They keep scaring the shit out of you by jumping out the window from the 2nd floor - and onto the balcony, they roll around in dirt, and they eat all the forget-me-nots.

  7. Jesus never said a good thing about priests. He was badmouthing them all the time. What's up with christian priests? What are they thinking?
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