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Friday, June 23, 2006
It's Midsummer. Darth Vader sleeping on the job.

It's swedish midsummer.

I'm at my new work, doing the swedish support for a big photo/camera-company, from Berlin. Yesterday I got 2 calls. Today everything in Sweden is closed by now. Work is fine, though a bit dull.

Too bad a new supporter team are getting training, otherwise I would be practicing printing nice pictures with the machines. Got a good one of Leo2 on my cubicle desk, wearing the Mexican wrestling mask he bought for Jens.

Another hour, and I'm off on my 45 minute bike ride home - from Tempelhof to Prenzlauerberg. My left calf hurts, after waking up with a cramp yesterday.

Erika came to town a couple of hours ago, hopefully Bart has let her into the apartment by now. Then it's off to sill & snaps in Mauerpark with Jonna & Malena and the rest of the finest swedes in Berlin. I work close by to IKEA, so I've been stashing up on the mentioned sill & snaps.

I hear a Darth Vader-like sound. Could either be someone snoring or the coffeemachine.
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