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Monday, February 18, 2008
Zombies & Roses
Ok, it's Freaky Coincidence Monday Blog Post.

Tatiana told me about a kickass weird dream she had friday night, where she was eating a rose like an icecream. Nice.

I got a bad cold this weekend, and checked for a good movie. Found The Last Man On Earth from 1964, an early film version of I Am Legend. Saw the Will Smith movie of the same name (as the novel) a month ago, and quite liked it. The 1964 version was not bad either, and check out the eyebrows on Vincent Price:

Where Will Smith is hunting deer, Vince is roaming the desert city for ever more garlic and mirrors. Turns out the city (where it was filmed) was Rome, Tatianas home! Nice.

On sunday we had tickets to Bruce LaBruce's new gay zombie movie Otto; or, Up with Dead People, showing at Potsdamer Platz. I was to sick to go though. I stayed at home watching the latest Lost episode, where Sayeed goes to - Potsdamer Platz, Berlin! Taty could just as well have bumped in to him right there.

"Otto" happens to be set in - Berlin. One scene was at the old abandoned theme park in Treptower Park where we were last sunday:

And it features a scene with Otto - eating a rose.

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