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Sunday, November 18, 2007
David Lynch replies
The David Lynch Foundation replied in the comments on YouTube:

David Lynch here. I don't want to have anything to do with Hitler. We all know he was not a good person who did terrible things.

I want to support Invincible Universities to develop the full potential of the student—enlightenment—and to have students meditating together in a group to enliven and radiate the unified field—the field of peace—into the atmosphere, into the collective consciousness of every nation.

Invincibility in this case means dynamic peace—a situation where no harm can come from within the country and nothing destructive can come from the outside to harm the country.

Sometimes misunderstandings are troublesome. So I want to make perfectly clear that the university for enlightenment and peace will make this a peaceful world — a peaceful world family — where anyone can travel anywhere in the world and meet a friend, not an enemy.

Dynamic peace is not just the absence of war—it is the absence of negativity, which is the seeds of war. These universities, established on a permanent basis, will put an end to thousands of years of war and oppression, and prevent a man like Hitler from ever arising again.

Nothing very new there, wonder what will happen to Raja Emanuel Schiffgens.

Meanwhile, Lynch is denied construction rigts on Teufelsberg, an article in TIME - Why David Lynch should learn german - linked to my little blog, that was fun.
And commentator Cryptic Clarity kindly provided info (in German) on the Raja Emanuel character and his endeavours in politics and business.
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