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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Buon Natale! God Juldag!

Celebrated Christmas at Tatis place on saturday since I had to work yesterday, and Tati was going to Rome on sunday. The Christmas Cactus was shining with bling, candles lit, and I was packing my gifts in the little hallway to keep things half secret.

Since we had just landed in Berlin late on friday night, we had a lot of shopping, cooking and celebrating to do in one day. I went across town to IKEA at Tempelhof, Tati to her italian shop on Wittenbergplatz. Then a cooking frenzy ensued, while sipping Glogg.

I did my Janssons Frestelse, a red beet tsatsiki, and cooked some potatoes for the senapssill (mustard herring), while Tati deep fried zucchini and cauliflower, and made little selleri/cheese/walnut hors d'oeuvres . Serve with some olives from the market in Jerusalem on the side, and of course - potato chips.

And to finish it off, the giant Pandoro - the obligatory italian christmas cake. AND we squeezed down a little piece of baklava each. The humus, gingerbreads, chocolates, halva, and the risgrynsgrot had to stand down.

We guzzled this down with sardinian rose wine and O.P Andersson aquavit. A very, very dangerous combination. Opening presents has never been so much fun. And falling asleep never so easy.

The rest of X-mas I will be spending with delicious leftovers and :). But right now I'm going to read about Schuhmanns "Das Paradies und Peri" - Tati got tickets for the Philharmonics! High Culture, here I come!

God fortsattning alle Leute!
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