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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Visuals for GrimeStep International @ Club 103, Berlin

Visuals - GrimeStep International

Finally got around to YouTube:ing clips from the club visuals I made this autumn. Here's the first one.

I made these visuals for the GrimeStep International club at Club 103, Berlin, october 7 2006. GrimeStep International started as a DVD-project and is now a planned compilation CD of grime and dubstep acts from all over Europe, outside of the UK. I was watching the old Transformers series at the time, and though robots are always popular, I felt they had sufficiently little to do with the scene for me to want to use them in the visuals. Looping their transformations made for some really nice dance moves. They are mixed with random scenes of japanese gameshows. The only visible connection to the grime genre might thus be the intensity of the visuals, and kept GrimeStep:s yellow/magenta color scheme.

The club/concert included artists & DJ:s Marvy Da Pimp (ego6, Bass Ball Club / Paris), Harry Landet (UFM / Oslo), Sick Girls (Revolution N°5 / Berlin).

GrimeStep International @ MySpace
GrimeStep blog
Club 103


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