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Friday, January 12, 2007
Different Visuals

Visuals for Different, dec 16 2006 in Malmö, Sweden.

Hiphop yesterday, techno today.

Living in Berlin, you have to learn to cope with techno. How does techno visuals regularly look? After two years in this town and countless techno clubs, no clear technovisual memories popped into my head when I was asked to do something for the club Different in Malmö, Sweden. So I felt kind of free. What finally emerged was a merge between Christmas and more childhood TV, in the red & light cyan colors of some old Swedish icicle (anyone recall an icecream with these colors?) or the Hallesches Tor U-bahn station.

If you grew up in Sweden in the eighties, you might recognize the foreground jungle adventure and the gnomes in the background, give it a try before you read further.

So, what is it composed of? Yes, you're right! The norweigian 1979 classic TV adventure "Brødrene Dal og professor Drøvels hemmelighet" against a backdrop of "Trolltyg i Tomteskogen" ("Gnomes" for you non-swedes who might have happened to have seen it).

Shown at Different, dec 16 2006 in Malmö, Sweden.

Playing at the club was Zoo Brazil (Systematic, Get Physical/Sthlm) and
Gui.tar, live (Careless Records/Berlin).

Update: I went through all ice creams from GB and Triumfglass in the eighties (here), still no trace of the mystical ice cream. Glassbilen maybe?


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