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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Cloud & Dog
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Made porridge today. Does this mark a new Year of Porridge? My breakfast routines tend to be rigid. That always make for nice re-discoveries, after a Year Without Porridge.

Bart, my dutch flatmate, bought new coffee. The dutch are so dependable when it comes to drugs.

Does anyone know how much you can fix your dissolving passport with tape without getting arrested at the airport? Might have to take the bus to Sweden again, too late to apply for some new ID before my sisters doctorate party. Almost didn't get on the plane from Athens, and then ofcourse I forgot to get a new one.

DAMN SÄFFLEBUSS! How does one escape you?

Now I've got to start working on some stuff for Berlin vs Schweden, june 10 at Zielona Gora, Boxhagener Platz. More about that later.
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