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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The Eagle Shooting Heroes

This is how you might know Tony Leung - from Wong Kar-Wai:s In the Mood for Love, or 2046 (as above).

This is how I like him. From The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993 by Jeffrey Lau, with Wong Kar-Wai as executive producer).

The movie is an explosion in bad chinese humour and Fantasy-Kung Fu-parody. Flying boots, rubber monsters, gay jokes, brother-sister-cousin love dramas, frog kung-fu. After the novel by Louis Cha. Of course with Leungs favorite co-star Maggie Cheung and a handpicked dream team of other Hong Kong stars.

Mindblowing and utterly inspiring.

The subtitles are a chapter to themselves, and they do a lot to complicate the understanding of the allready inexpliccable plot. Here's an official synopsis:

The Queen of Golden Wheel Kingdom had a love affair with her cousin West Poison, and they planned to take over the Kingdom. The Princess discovered their treason, but she was defeated by West Poison. She sought her master's help. With the helps from East Evil, South Emperor, North Beggar and Chow Op-tong, she challenged West Poison again and a long fight begin...

This boring clip from YouTube certainly doesn't do the movie justice, but at least it showcases the subtitilig.
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