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Monday, May 15, 2006
A night with the Secret Service

Have just had a splendid hangover sunday that I finished off with Jonna & Malena, tea, King Kong and Howl's Moving Castle - an awesome combo of sentimental unhappy-ending action adventure VS weirdo fantastic sentimental happy-ending anime.

Yesterday was, as Leo already told you in plain swedish - masquerade night. I bought the worlds largest costume pants for 15€ from a drag queen, a couple of pilot-sunglasses and plugged in my headset, drank a couple of gin&tonic - and we were transformed into the Secret Service. Or were we? We suddenly realized that the absence of white shirts & ties, plus wearing sneakers, made us look more like Triple & Touch, the sweet göteborgian entertainment trio that turned duo after the fat guy turned Loket. I was Ken Wennerholm.

It's a great feeling getting to scream at people / into a headset, in american, and trying to impose authority over man-size animals, people with electric glowing penises and... you know.

I add picture evidence to the casefile, including our phantom picture of Lasse Kronér.

Top 3 things to find in an armchair:
while looking for your keys dressed out as Ken Wennerholm
  1. 5 DM & 40 pfennig
  2. One little scissor
  3. One big scissor
2 questions for the day: What is triple? Who or what is touch?
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