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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
David Lynch lecture in Berlin turns into chaos (video)
UPDATE APRIL 18 2009: The videos forced off of YouTube by the David Lynch Foundation

Video part 1 of 2

Video part 2 of 2

"We want an invincible Germany! Invincible Germany" exclaims the "Raja of Germany", dressed in a white robe and golden little crown.
"What do you mean?"
cries the audience. "Hitler wanted an invincible Germany as well!"

"Yes, but unfortunately he didn't succeed!"


David Lynch's Berlin visit yesterday was turned into a chaotic fiasco by his friend, "The Raja of Germany" - dressed like a McDonalds Pope - and either a nazi, nutty as squirrel poop - or simply fully unconscious of the words coming out of his little mouth. Since he just kept repeating the same words when asked to clarify, the two latter seem closest to the truth. The crowd started screaming and booing, David Lynch and his american entourage looking dumbstruck, not having understood a word of the Raja's speech in german. I was happy to catch the unbelievable event on tape...

Lynch had also brought spokespeople for the enlightenment movement / cult called Transcendental Meditation, and announced that the David Lynch Foundation yesterday bought Teufelsberg where it will build the "Invincible Germany University". A place for 1.000 students to learn all there is to learn - plus Transcendental Meditation™ and yoga flying. This will then bring peace and enlightenment to all of Germany...

The first time I heard about the David Lynch Foundation and their fundraising I was happily surprised. There isn't much money being invested in creative or constructive peace research, and who am I to say that meditation wouldn't give people some fresh perspectives and peacefullness. But then I read that it costed $2500 PER STUDENT to teach them Transcendental Meditation ("TM"). That smelled a bit off. And I checked out the TM website. Full of fancy graphs and what looks like bullshit claims of Scientific Proofs of the advances to humanity brought by TM. I googled around and found some pretty harsh critisisms / cult accusations of TM by former teachers.

I wanted to ask Lynch what he thought about the critisisms of TM, but when Raja Emanuel of Germany came on stage, no more needed to be said.

Here's how the University / Tower of Invincibility on Teufelsberg is going to look like:

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